Ability to add more graphic elements and notes to ERD/diagrams

such as
- text labels that one can put here and there (as a header or as a comment to a complicated block of tables or relations)
- frames (dotted rectangles, may be with pale background) around groups of objects

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Per the R&D link provided back in Oct it looks like changed to 7.0 release compared to 6.1. I just want to add my support for this as well, and hope that the change in version number doesn't mean it is dropping in priority. I have many diagrams where I'd like to group portions as 'system configuration' versus 'client configuration' or 'transactional data'. Or two tightly related but different functionally different versions of the same product feature.

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Hi Martin,

Thanks for your feedback. We have put it into our roadmap for version 6.1 but it is not certain yet. We need first release 6.0.

Here is more information on how we want to implement it: https://dataedo.com/research-and-development/text-boxes-in-erd

Piotr Kononow

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I totally support this request... there are too many examples to mention where you need to "further clarify" portions of your ERD and to use blocks of text to do so. Even SSMS highly-limited ERD generation tool has "New Text Annotation..." and most of the ERD tools on the market have some sort of free text block.

On top of that, as a developer, I can say that such a feature would be among the easiest to implement. I would think it could be done without major effort.

Thanks for all the great job!

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This would be very helpful, as would the ability to draw outlines (boxes etc.) around objects.

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Thanks for this idea. This is on our long term roadmap (but without any specific version no or date). I think bot requirements could be implemented as a frame with text which you could format.

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