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Wiki-style update through web interface

This is a bit of a crazy long-range idea, but the application generates a really nice HTML interface. It would be handy to be able to update that interface in a wiki-style. Friction in updating documentation increases the chance that it rots and becomes confusing.

[Originally posted on UserVoice on 2016-01-15 18:33]

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Yes, that is one apporach for cross-platform support. Unfortunately, that would require rewriting majority of functionalities to new technology. Could be done but maybe there's a simpler apporach.

[Originally posted on UserVoice on 2016-01-27 22:28]
It would also be a quicker fix to the cross-platform issue, if the team can update it via the web.

[Originally posted on UserVoice on 2016-01-27 19:55]
That's a good idea and worth considering but once we implement more urgent features in our desktop application.

[Originally posted on UserVoice on 2016-01-27 13:58]