How to create Cross-Module/Cross-Documentation Bookmark/Hyperlinks

How to create Cross-Module/Cross-Documentation Bookmark/Hyperlinks?

I would like to refer to a (named) bookmark when using Hyperlink annotation within a richtext field. Hyperlinks normally can point to any id= or name= HTML attribute.

Origin: HTML <a href="other">Text</a>

Points to: This ist the {other}pointed bookmarked text or other element.

Does Dataedo support a technique like that?

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Currently we don't have an option to hyperlink to other documentation objects from within description fields.

This idea was suggested to us some time ago (https://support.dataedo.com/i332-allow-hyperlinking-to-dataedo-objects), and we do like it, but it's not on our short term roadmap.

Please do vote for it if you haven't yet, and you'll receive updates when we start developing it.