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    Creating a manual view (like manual, user defined tables)

    Bwi · 1 · Last reply by Piotr Tokarski


    How do you create a view?

    Kind regards


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    How can I include a variable for copyright year and ensure the date is automatically updated?

    sheldonhull · 1 · Last reply by Piotr Tokarski

    I need to include a few variables, primarily at this time the {CurrentYear} value. This is part of the copyright message. I'd like that to be a variable that ensures when the documentation is generated it is always up to date.

    Do you have some support for this yet, or a way to ensure the year is always updated in my module notes?

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    support for Lotus Notes (Dominos) database

    anonymized · 0 · Posted

    It would be good to have a plug-in type feature for generating data dictionaries for lotus notes (Dominos) databases as well. Will be really useful in analysis and planning for large data migration projects.

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    Under Review

    AWS S3 as populated by AWS Glue, etc.

    Blake Borup · 3 · Last reply by Piotr Kononow

    We are currently moving a large amount of our analytics data to S3 using AWS Glue.  Then querying with AWS Athena.  Having Dataedo catalog that data for use by our analysts would be great.

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    Support for CSV files

    Devin Bost · 1 · Last reply by Piotr Kononow

    Please provide similar support for documenting CSV data file sources.

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    ERD Autolayout

    Jonathan Romano · 0 · Posted

    Especially one there's support for zooming, it would be quite helpful for Dataedo to do a first pass at creating a sensible layout of tables (that is, where tables sharing connections are placed next to each other).

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    AWS DynamoDb Support

    HL Williams · 0 · Posted

    Support for DynamoDB would be very helpful.


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    Error while synchronizing the columns

    Tanner Spaulding · 1 · Last reply by Piotr Tokarski

    When attempting to import the schema from an Azure SQL Database, into an Azure SQL DB for the dataedo repository.  I am seeing the attached error message.  Any ideas how to avoid this?

    Dataedo version:  7.0.3 beta

    Source and Target DB:  Microsoft SQL Azure (RTM) - 12.0.2000.8 

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    Linux / Mac versions?

    ZhangX · 3 · Last reply by Tom Wasiewicz

    Is there a release planned for Linux or Mac versions of the app? We are all Mac users and would be great to have Dataedo available there.

    [Originally posted on Flarum on 2017-07-12 09:58:19]
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    Dataedo name pronunciation

    JustNoah · 2 · Last reply by JustNoah

    Hey, we are using your soft for some time now and we have a problem with its name. How do you correctly pronounce Dataedo? My colleagues and I are just dying to know. Thanks!

    [Originally posted on Flarum on 2017-07-17 13:19:48]
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    Upgrade Repository

    rsliva · 3 · Last reply by Piotr Tokarski

    When trying to Upgrade a SQL Server repository from 5.2 to 6.0 Beta the following error message is received: "Database 'Dataedo' exists. User has to have db_owner role in the database to continue." However, the user (me) has the db_owner role in the Dataedo database. The repository is on a SQL Server 2012 instance. I am not a sysadmin, just db_owner of that database.

    [Originally posted on Flarum on 2017-09-28 17:55:59]
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    Diagram Improvements Feedback

    sheldonhull · 1 · Last reply by Piotr Kononow

    I can live without autoarrange as I think correctly doing this can be very very complex and hard to be happy with. However, I'd love for someway to improve the linking to merge arrows or make paths cleaner when they intersect and go along the same path. Any thoughts on implementing something like this?

    [Originally posted on Flarum on 2018-01-19 21:36:00]
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    Dataedo running on Ubuntu 16.04 (LTS)

    David · 2 · Last reply by David

    By means of Wine (

    The reason to try this: half of us in our team use Windows PC's, the other half uses Mac's, and the production servers (the ones in which we would have to store documentation repositories and enable automation) run RHEL.

    Is there something you guys can provide to support this kind of cross-platform scenarios? Even light-weight packages (no GUI) to enable automation on Linux systems would be great!

    Thanks a lot in advance,


    [Originally posted on Flarum on 2018-02-17 22:37:37]
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    Remove nullable and other attributes from export

    GGUNSW · 1 · Last reply by Piotr Tokarski

    Hi i'm trying to export a pdf/html files without some of the unwanted attributes from dataedo. Currently i see that there is no way to remove such columns in from the exported file. I have seen some on shared online that has what i wanted to achieve. (

    [Originally posted on Flarum on 2018-03-14 00:47:56]
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    Error logging with cmdline execution

    rromanczuk · 8 · Last reply by Piotr Tokarski


    We are having issues with an automated job to handle importing and exporting. When it errors, the log file is fairly unhelpful beyond acknowledging there was an error and which database was being processed. It's not clear if it was related to a module, table, procedure, etc.. Is there any configuration that can be changed to increase the level of information provided? Here's an example:

    [2018-03-14 21:35:29] Processing file: update_ALPHA.dataedocmd (C:\W\dataedo\update_ALPHA.dataedocmd).

    [2018-03-14 21:35:29] Update: ALPHA@de***********.com => dataedo@b*********01 [2018-03-14 21:36:55] 3627 objects found: 0 objects synchronized, 0 objects unsynchronized, 3462 objects new, 23 objects removed, 142 objects ignored. [2018-03-14 21:36:55]

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    ERD - Zoom Capability

    Piotr Tokarski · 3 · Last reply by Jaymichael

    Ability to zoom in and out on ERD Diagrams.

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    Printing ERDs - more control

    Piotr Tokarski · 0 · Posted

    Ability to control the zoom in/out, portrait/landscape, print over multiple pages etc. so that larger ERD diagrams can be printed more effectively.

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    Mark Weiser · 1 · Last reply by Mark Weiser

    Add AVRO schema to db types

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    Vertica database support

    Piotr Kononow · 0 · Posted

    Provide support for Vertica database.

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    Elasticsearch support

    Piotr Kononow · 0 · Posted

    Provide ability to document indexes and their fields in Elasticsearch.